The location and area

Mototaranis is located  in the small and friendly community of Reminiac, which is situated in the heart of the Brittany countryside in the department of Morbihan. The nearest ferry port is St Malo just over an hour's ride but we are also within 2 1/2 hours of Caen & Roscoff and 3 1/2 hours of Cherbourg & Le Havre.

GPS co-ords Lat 47:51:35N Lon 2:14:18W

There are 4 market towns with all amenities which are ten minutes ride away and the legendary forest of Brocéliande is just to the north. The medieval cities of Ploermel ( with it's water sports lake), Malestroit and Josselin are nearby, where traditional weekly markets are held.
The coast is about 45 minutes away and we are within easy riding distance of the many beautiful and historic attractions Brittany has to offer.

Ferry Information:

Tel 0330 159 7000


Helpful Information

You need to have a form E111 for health cover and bring your Vehicle Registration, Insurance and Driving Licence. The police do have the right to confiscate your bike if you are unable to prove it's yours. It is also advisable to take out European breakdown cover.

Speed Cameras:
Although not many fixed cameras they do exist. You will see large white signs with black pictures of different vehicles followed by radar lines. Hand held speed traps are also used and normally a on the spot fine will be given currently at 90€.

Priority to the right:
A yellow diamond shaped sign with a white border indicates that drivers on main roads have the right of way and don’t need to give way to the right. (Often seen when entering motorways)
When the sign reappears with a diagonal black line through it, then this changes back so you do have to give way to the right.(Often applied when in small village squares and on country roads where cars can pull out from junctions on the right in front of you on the main road.) Unless you see give way markings on the road at the junction or a give way sign be careful.

Petrol Stations:
Motorway and dual carriageway stations are normally manned 24 hours. Supermarket and local stations are normally manned from 0900-1200hrs and 1400-1900hrs. 24hour pumps will take chip and pin cards, but otherwise will normally only take French bank cards so be aware.

Changing Money:
You can use UK credit /debit cards in most cash machines in France to obtain your Euros. If you want to change Sterling into Euros it is more difficult, as this is only done at main Post Offices with a form of ID. Alternatively change it at the port or on the ferry.

Many French restaurants only serve lunch from 1200-1400hrs so it is advisable to plan your days around this.

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